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Calling all women banjo artists! It is with great pleasure that we extend the invitation to participate in the sixth-annual, 2019, edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album! Artists are highly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed as they are received and artists are admitted on a rolling basis until the roster is full.
We are now accepting applications for the NEXT EDITION of the Banjo Babes Calendar and Album! Please read carefully for instructions, and we look forward to receiving your application(s)! Yes, artists are welcome to participate in more than one edition!


2019 (Sixth-Edition): (Theme TBA in November, 2017)

Applications for the sixth-edition are due EARLIER THAN USUAL as we will be changing our timeline for earlier release of the product and wider distribution.

For the 2019 release, applications can be submitted starting now and will be reviewed and accepted ON A ROLLING BASIS and no later than Monday, December 18th, 2017. Artist materials (song and photo options) due no later than Monday, February 5th, 2018.


For returning artists, please note the MAJOR scheduling changes to our project timeline to allow for expanded and early distribution for the sixth-edition (2019). 

Before starting your application,we encourage artists to read our answers to many Frequently Asked Questions about participation in the Banjo Babes collective project.

Here are some important dates FOR THE 6th EDITION for artists intending to participate:
  • December 18, 2017 (6th): APPLICATIONS DUE via  our online artist application form
  • February 5, 2018 (6th): PHOTO / AUDIO MATERIALS DUE: Materials due - including one or more options for a radio-ready song relating to our theme (ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED TO BE FROM A PREVIOUSLY RELEASED OR ANTICIPATED ALBUM), plus a set (4 or more options) of professional project-specific (NEVER PUBLISHED, SPECIFIC TO THIS PROJECT) photos relating to our theme (TBA)
  • March, 2018 (6th): Pre-sale to fans and distributors around the world, including our collective campaign to pre-sell merchandise as a group (online, all artists participate)
  • February/March, 2018 (6th): DRAFT OPEN FOR REVIEW / EDITS of Calendar & Album
  • March/April, 2018 (6th): SHIP CALENDARS + ALBUMS TO ARTISTS, radio stations, PR outreach, and pre-sale customers
  • Year-Round: BANJO BABES SHOWCASE TOURS celebrating release of 2018 and 2019 editions (dates TBA)

Pictured: Banjo Babes Featured Artists at their show at The Freight & Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley, CA. From left to right, Erin Inglish, Sharon Martinson (of The Littlest Birds), Evie Ladin, and Moira Smiley (photo by Lisa Lynne Franco)

A Grassroots Collective

The Banjo Babes Calendar & Album project is about much more than just a calendar or compilation album - featured artists are welcomed as an integral part of this fun and empowering project, a banjo sorority of sorts. Featured artists enjoy publicity from collaborative distribution of the calendar and on the album, opportunities to distribute (and make a profit from) the product at their own shows, as well as participate in multi-bill shows with other performers.

Thanks to the annual pledge campaigns and the help of advertising partners, the project is able to distribute hundreds of CD's and calendars, at no cost, to radio stations, reviewers, media and promoters around the world. The first two editions of the compilation CD's have been heard on radios and distributed to fans all over the world; the beautiful full-color wall-calendars are hanging on thousands of walls of banjo music fans. It is a very worthy project, with admirable goals, and an talented sisterhood of featured artists.

The Banjo Babes Calendar & Album has released three beautiful editions of the project (20142015, and 2016), each edition combining an artistically crafted wall-calendar with a professionally produced, mastered, and packaged compilation album. The 12-inch-square calendar showcases an artist above each month, with a thematic photo, bio, website, and a reference to her track on the CD below it. The compilation album features one music track from each artist or band, and comes in a beautiful eco-package with a multi-page insert.

They are truly beautiful products, and we invite you to cherish being featured and being part of the family. The showcase albums feature one track each from all artists (17 artists in 2014, and 15 artists in 2015 and 2016), and are professionally mastered in order to ensure playability on the radio. The producers of the project make a huge effort to make the album sound cohesive and listenable.

In the late Fall and/or early Winter of each Calendar season (October through March), the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album project releases their calendar and album, as well as produces a tour featuring double- and triple-bill shows of incredible lady banjo artists, including our featured artists, alumni, and members of the greater extended family of banjo-wielding women. We would welcome you to our project and to be a part of this fun community!



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