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Meet the Artists! 2018 Roster 


The 2018 edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album will feature twelve banjo artists from around the world. The album will showcase a song from each artist, and the calendar will introduce you to each one through a thematic photo and biography over each month of the year. Our theme for 2018 is "Five String Circus". Click here to read about each artist and to preview their music! 

Please allow us to introduce you to the wonderful group of featured artists for the 2018 edition themed "Five String Circus"! We kindly invite you to learn more about them, visit their websites, and further enjoy their music. The 2018 Featured Artists are: 

  1. JANUARY: Eliza Mary Doyle 
  2. FEBRUARY: Erin Inglish (Project Curator) 
  3. MARCH: Rachel Tietjen (of T Sisters) 
  4. APRIL: Ellen Petersen (of The Petersens) 
  5. MAY: Jane Germain 
  6. JUNE: Evie Ladin 
  7. JULY: Michelle Canning 
  8. AUGUST: Katie Jo Oberthaler 
  9. SEPTEMBER: Marteka Lake 
  10. OCTOBER: Cera Impala 
  11. NOVEMBER: Grace Van't Hof 
  12. DECEMBER: Chris Avetta 

Listen to or purchase the 2018 calendar and album.

Artists Apply Now for 5th & 6th Editions 

Now accepting artist applications for the next two editions (2018 and 2019) of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album! 

Details & Application at: 

Our beloved sorority of women banjo artists from the past and present editions include Evie Ladin, Erin Inglish, Amber Rogers-Clark, Teri Ann Quinn, Moira Smiley, Susie Monick, Emily Dowden-Estes, Hannah Shira, Liat Tova Lis, Kate Lissauer, Chloe LeGrand, Megan McKamey, Dani Aubert, Eliza Doyle, Mary Z Cox, Alina Vivita, Sharon Martinson, Trina Emig, Cara Luft, Lindsay Loubelly, Jami Lynn, Kendra Beth Swanson, Allie Burbrink, Krisanna Marie, Jes Raymond, Donna Lynn Caskey, Cera N Dipity, Margaret MacKay, Grace Ellen Van't Hof, Alison Steele, Alison de Groot, Kendl Winter, Laurie Shook, Megan Saunders, Chris Avetta, Hayley Thomas, Kate Euliss, and Janna Kim.