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Artists Apply Now for 5th & 6th Editions 

Now accepting artist applications for the next two editions (2018 and 2019) of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album! 

Details & Application at: 

Our beloved sorority of women banjo artists from the past and present editions include Evie Ladin, Erin Inglish, Amber Rogers-Clark, Teri Ann Quinn, Moira Smiley, Susie Monick, Emily Dowden-Estes, Hannah Shira, Liat Tova Lis, Kate Lissauer, Chloe LeGrand, Megan McKamey, Dani Aubert, Eliza Doyle, Mary Z Cox, Alina Vivita, Sharon Martinson, Trina Emig, Cara Luft, Lindsay Loubelly, Jami Lynn, Kendra Beth Swanson, Allie Burbrink, Krisanna Marie, Jes Raymond, Donna Lynn Caskey, Cera N Dipity, Margaret MacKay, Grace Ellen Van't Hof, Alison Steele, Alison de Groot, Kendl Winter, Laurie Shook, Megan Saunders, Chris Avetta, Hayley Thomas, Kate Euliss, and Janna Kim.

Artists Apply Now & "Vote for BANJO" 2017 Theme 

Applications for participation in the 2017 Banjo Babes Calendar & Album are due no later than Monday, August 15th, with materials (song and photo) due no later than Monday, September 5th, 2016. 

Please fill out this form and click "submit" as early on in the process as possible. Thank you kindly! 

THEME! The theme for the 2017 calendar and album is "Vote for Banjo!"! It will feature a collection of songs (and photos) celebrating the people's choice candidate this season - the five-string banjo! To each their own as far as how to interpret this and how to integrate your music into the concept - there is no right or wrong - be creative! Ideas might include songs about the awesomeness of our beloved banjo, campaign songs from the past or present, songs about the joys or blues of politics or matters of citizenship, migration, immigration, voting, campaigning, unions, rights activists, laws, outlaws, governments, or anarchy. The connecting thread of course - our beloved banjos! Photos might showcase fake tongue-in-cheek campaigns, such as "Banjo for President" or the artist on her soap box, possibly portray a famous historical figure or the scene of an important measure taken to vote or fought for (civil rights, women's rights, labor movement, environmental rights, the right to bare arms...I mean banjos...freely, etc.), depict the role of government on the local, national and/or international level, potentially parody a candidate who is running, encourage folks to vote, and/or maybe even attempt to portray the magnanimous brilliance of the banjo as an instrument through the photo such that it wins the election this year - be creative! There are many ways to run with this - enjoy and welcome to our 2017 edition...may Banjo win in every race!

Apply Now

Calling All Artists! Apps. Due June 19 

It is with great pleasure that we extend the invitation to participate in the third-annual, 2016-edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album! The application form, as well as frequently asked questions about participation in the Banjo Babes collective project, is found on the Participation Page.

Applications for the 2016 edition are being received through the website on a rolling basis, now through Friday, June 19th, 2015.

Please note! Materials (i.e., photos and songs) are due no later than Friday, July 10th, 2015. More information...