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Congratulations to our Deering Banjo Raffle Winners! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our BANJO RAFFLE WINNERS!!! Taran Schindler and Mollie Kellogg will be proud new owners and players of Goodtime Banjos from our friends at Deering Banjos! Sending ban-joy to these fans from our family of artists and staff here at Banjo Babes Compilation Album & Calendar! 

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"Solidarity, Sister" Celebrates 6th Year of Banjo Babes 

We are pleased to announce the release of our Banjo Babes 2019 Compilation Album and Calendar themed "Solidarity, Sister!" This edition's music and images explored the joys and struggles of women. Of course we always think this, because it is true, but this is truly the best release yet! Thank you so much for your continued support of project showcasing women who play banjo from around the world! Meet out 2019 artists here, and order now!

Meet the 2019 Edition Featured Artists  

An incredible group of musicians submitted materials for our 2019 edition themed "Solidarity, Sister." This release of the Banjo Babes Project celebrates and explores the joys and struggles of women, via music and images from our featured artists. The artists showcased on this next compilation album and calendar are:

  • JANUARY: Teri Quinn 
  • FEBRUARY: Grace Van't Hof (Cryin' Time, Della Mae, Bill & the Belles) 
  • MARCH: Melody Walker (Front Country) 
  • APRIL: Gayle Skidmore 
  • MAY: Samm Bones 
  • JUNE: Moira Smiley 
  • JULY: Eleanor Underhill (Underhill Rose) 
  • AUGUST: Emily Dowden 
  • SEPTEMBER: Eliza Mary Doyle (The Dead South) 
  • OCTOBER: Laurie Michelle Caner (Hey Mavis) 
  • NOVEMBER: Jes Raymond (The Blackberry Bushes Stringband and Jes and Jakob) 
  • DECEMBER: Michelle Canning 
  • FEATURED ARTIST: Cera Impala (The New Prohibition, The Blackberry Bushes, Dark Green Tree, and the Bevvy Sisters) 
  • FEATURED ARTIST: Evie Ladin (Evie Ladin Band) 
  • COVER ARTIST: Anielle Reid 
  • PROJECT CURATOR: Erin Inglish

We invited you listen to the music, read more about our 2019 artists, and order the Banjo Babes 2019 Compilation Album now!

Meet the Artists! 2018 Roster 


The 2018 edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album will feature twelve banjo artists from around the world. The album will showcase a song from each artist, and the calendar will introduce you to each one through a thematic photo and biography over each month of the year. Our theme for 2018 is "Five String Circus". Click here to read about each artist and to preview their music! 

Please allow us to introduce you to the wonderful group of featured artists for the 2018 edition themed "Five String Circus"! We kindly invite you to learn more about them, visit their websites, and further enjoy their music. The 2018 Featured Artists are: 

  1. JANUARY: Eliza Mary Doyle 
  2. FEBRUARY: Erin Inglish (Project Curator) 
  3. MARCH: Rachel Tietjen (of T Sisters) 
  4. APRIL: Ellen Petersen (of The Petersens) 
  5. MAY: Jane Germain 
  6. JUNE: Evie Ladin 
  7. JULY: Michelle Canning 
  8. AUGUST: Katie Jo Oberthaler 
  9. SEPTEMBER: Marteka Lake 
  10. OCTOBER: Cera Impala 
  11. NOVEMBER: Grace Van't Hof 
  12. DECEMBER: Chris Avetta 

Listen to or purchase the 2018 calendar and album.

Pledge a Pre-Order Now for 2016! 

Help support this fun project for another year by pre-ordering your copy of the Banjo Babes 2016 Calendar & Album!

Presenting the 3rd-edition of the world's most beloved collective, grassroots celebration of professional women banjo players! Once again, we could not do this without your continued support - thank you, again, for celebrating with us!

Help us to make the third edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album possible by pledging a pre-order today! Now through September 4th, receive free shipping on domestic orders (and discounts on international shipping), as well as super sweet deals on packages of the Banjo Babes 2016 Calendar & Album! We invite you to meet the artists, preview their music, and make a pledge today. Thank you for your continued support - enjoy!

Our 2016 Theme, "Natural Beauty", will feature over a dozen incredibly talented banjo artists in a fun, thematic calendar and exciting compilation album with a track from each artist!


Thank you for your support, as always, as we celebrate our third year and counting!!

Our 2016 Featured Artists include:

  • Trina Emig,
  • Erin Inglish,
  • Cara Luft (The Small Glories, The Cara Luft Folk-Rock Revolution, formerly/co-founding member of The Wailin' Jennys),
  • Amber Rogers (Scenic Roots),
  • Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys (Time & Luck) - featured cover artist,
  • Mary Z Cox,
  • Allie Burbrink (The Whipstitch Sallies),
  • Alison Steele,
  • Kendra Swanson,
  • Jami Lynn (Jami Buttke)
  • Krisanna Marie (The Raven Claw Hammer)
  • Teri Quinn,
  • Jes Raymond (The Blackberry Bushes Stringband),
  • Donna Lynn Caskey, and
  • Cera Impala.

PLEASE NOTE: All pre-orders placed will be shipped in November, 2015.



On behalf of all of the featured artists, thank you kindly for your continued support! Many blessings to all!


Erin Inglish

Project Organizer, Banjo Babes Calendar & Album

Your Very Own 2015 Edition! 

Banjo music! Get your banjo music! Right here at Banjo Babes central we still have some copies of the limited-edition 2015 Calendar & Album package available for sale in our store! They make a great gift, a wonderful personal touch at your own desk, or a fun collectors' item. Thanks for supporting independent music!