Each year, the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album and our national tour are made possible in part by the generous support of our advertising partners. The logos and ads of our partners are beautifully featured throughout the calendar in full-color, tastefully placed in the layout, and shared with thousands of fans annually as we promote to and tour the world!

Proceeds from the sales of advertisements go toward radio distribution of the calendar and album. We hope you might consider placing an ad with us today - advertising partners help to make the scope of this project possible!

Please find information regarding the deadlines, pricing, and guidelines for advertising in the calendar or album packaging, and/or tour endorsement on our online order form or here in this PDF.

You may place an order for advertising space by filling out the order form OR printing out and sending a completed, scanned version of this PDF to

Please feel free to contact us directly as well with any inquiries.


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