Picture (above): Banjo Babes Featured Artists at the Freight & Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley, CA are Erin Inglish, Sharon Martinson, Evie Ladin, and Moira Smiley (Photo by Lisa Lynne Franco)

The Banjo Babes Calendar & Album (and Tour) is a collective, grassroots celebration of professional women banjo players. Showcasing songs and professional promotion for emerging and established lady banjo artists from around the world, the project aims to create a fun community around celebrating women who play banjo and their music.

​From Bluegrass to Old-Time and music in between and beyond - The Banjo Babes Calendar & Album is an annual anthology of everything banjo, old and new, a snapshot in time of where banjo music has been - and where it going - according to women folk. We invite you to meet the featured artists, browse our catalog of annual limited-edition releases, or get involved in the project as an advertising sponsor, distributor, show partner, or featured artist!

The mission of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album is to celebrate the music of women who play banjo by creating and sustaining one of the most comprehensive, inclusive and diverse annual compilation anthologies via a fun, professional, and empowering project that includes artistic photography in a calendar and world-class music on an album.

Thank you to all the artists, fans, supporters, and collaborators alike who have made this joyful project possible each year. Anticipating its fifth release celebrating 2018, we look forward to sharing the next edition of the world's most beloved, annual grassroots women's banjo music anthology!

The project happens each year, and each edition features over a dozen artists. Focused on promoting the music of women banjo artists - we celebrate diversity, welcome all, and are thrilled to share these albums with the world. The calendar and album feature songs and images provided by each of the artists each year in conjunction with a new theme.

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"Oh, I'm goin' 'round this world,
          baby mine (baby mine)
 I'm goin' 'round this world, baby mine
 I'm goin' 'round this world,
          I'm a banjo-pickin' girl
 I'm goin' 'round this world, baby mine"

                    - Banjo-Pickin Girl (Traditional)
Many of the artists participate in an annual tour, with a new route each year. Showcasing one, two or three of the artists featured in the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album edition from current and/or previous years, our shows are incredibly professional in production and steeped with collaboration among the artists.
Picture: Tour Poster for the 2015 Edition

Artists featured in the project are women who play the banjo full- or part-time professionally - women of all ages, backgrounds, styles, body types, etc. Artists featured in the past have included, in no particular order:

  • Moira Smiley,
  • Laurie Shook (of Shook Twins),
  • Lindsay Rilko (Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys),
  • Evie Ladin (formerly of The Stairwell Sisters),
  • Kendl Winter (of The Lowest Pair and Winter Winter),
  • Erin Inglish,
  • Megan McKamey (of The Velvet Blue),
  • Donna Lynn Caskey,
  • Grace Van't Hof,
  • Maggie MacKay (of Chasing Blue Band),
  • Janna Kim (based in Uzbekistan),
  • Katie West (a.k.a. Katie Euliss of Truckstop Honeymoon and 40 Watt Dream),
  • Hayley Thomas (of Tarweed Two & the Two-Time Boys, and Hayburner),
  • Chloey Davis,
  • Megan Saunders (of The Driftless),
  • Chris Avetta, 
  • Sharon Martinson (of The Littlest Birds),
  • Susie Monick (formerly of Buffalo Gals),
  • Laurie Michelle Caner (of Hey Mavis),
  • Jami Lynn,
  • Dani Aubert (of Patchy Sanders),
  • Amber Rogers (of Scenic Roots),
  • Allison de Groot,
  • Emily Dowden,
  • Trina Emig,
  • Ali Steele,
  • Cara Luft (of The Small Glories, and formerly The Wailin' Jennys)
  • Mary Z Cox,
  • Krisanna Marie,
  • Ali Burbrink,
  • Cera Impala,
  • Kendra Swanson,
  • Jessica Raymond, 
  • Teri Quinn,
  • Eliza Mary Doyle,
  • Chloe Blayne,
  • Liat Tova Lis,
  • Hannah Shira Naiman,
  • Kate Lissauer, and
  • Alina Vivita
  • Marteka Lake
  • Rachel Tietjen (of T Sisters)
  • Katie Jo Oberthaler
  • Jane Germain
  • Ellen Petersen (of The Petersens)
  • Michelle Canning

The organizer of the project is California-based producer, composer and banjo chanteuse Erin Inglish. We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, just contact us! More information about the artists and their websites can be found at the links below:

Picture: Erin Inglish, Curator of the Banjo Babes Showcase Tour (photo by Ryland Veesart)