Eliza Mary Doyle

Track #7 - "Nothin' to Lose"

Eliza Mary Doyle (January)

Saskatchewan, Canada

www.elizamarydoyle.com, www.thedeadsouth.com

Eliza Mary Doyle has been playing banjo across Canada, North America and Europe for the past 16 years. Whether she is swooning a tender ballad or creating a driving rhythm (or...shucking, plucking, kicking or biting...), Doyle has the versatility to go from beautiful and melodious songs to a full-on boot-stompin’ party scene. Her strong but wonderfully frayed voice glides seamlessly together with her charismatic high-energy performances and outstanding clawhammer banjo. Everything about Doyle’s music carries an air of prairie authenticity with a tornado of emotion. 

Photo by Amberlee Christey

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