Cera Impala

Track #3 - Flicker N' Shine

Cera Impala (October)

Scotland, UK


A slice of ‘hillbilly noir’ and gritty swing jazz, Cera Impala is prolific and dedicated banjo-wielding songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her whisky-honeyed voice and intimately crafted pieces take you to another time and place. Impala has toured internationally with her band, The New Prohibition; and, in 2018,  she will debut a new duet project called Delightful Squalor. Previously a member of The Blackberry Bushes, Dark Green Tree and (the fabulous queens of sass and harmony) The Bevvy Sisters, Impala is enjoying the success of her latest album Tumbleweed, a collection of songs that will take you around the world and land you back in the heart of the woods.

Photo by Chris Scott

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