Liat Tova Lis (of Lake Toba)

Track #10 - "Holy"

Liat Tova Lis (of Lake Toba) (April)

Oregon, USA

Liat Tova Lis is an old-time banjo player and singer based in Eugene, Oregon, who plays original and traditional music with the duo, Lake Toba. Her banjo playing is predominately clawhammer, and instrumentals are heavily influenced by the old time style of playing, with much drop thumbing, droning, and following of the melody. She enjoys using the banjo as a voice in itself, and as an accompaniment for her own voice.

Lake Toba is an old-timey duo with rich harmonies over beautiful instrumentation on guitar, banjo and mandolin (no, not all three at the same time), and haunting original songwriting by Kyle McGonegle and Liat Tova. They unravel a new story in each song with clear and heartfelt singing that exposes the emotion hidden in the verse. Their tight instrumentation brings each song to another level, as the pair breathes together, not just in their harmonies, but also through their instruments. Don't miss a chance to see Lake Toba live; the pair invites listeners into their world with warm conversation like old friends.

Photo by Bill Holderfield

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