Kate Lissauer

Track #4 - "Won't You Come and Go"

Kate Lissauer (May)

Somerset, UK


Kate Lissauer of the United Kingdom has been playing banjo, both clawhammer and finger-picking styles, since being introduced by her Kentucky native banjo-playing father when she was 12. Old-time country music has been a key part of her life ever since. 

Although banjo was her first instrument, she also plays fiddle and guitar, sings, and composes songs and tunes within the genre. Lissauer has played in numerous bands, including the Baltimore based Rev. Chip and the Moon Brides, the Scottish fusion Caledonia Ramblers, and her own long-standing project 'Buffalo Gals'. She also worka as a solo performer, teacher and dance caller. 

Lissauer's most recent new project is in writing and performing old-time scores for silent films from the early 1900s. Her band and film show tour with the support of the Arts Council of England and its affiliated county branches, and she perform at many of the country's folk, bluegrass and old-time festivals.

Photo by Joe Plimmer

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