Dani Aubert (of Patchy Sanders and Fellow Pynins)

Track #8 - "Land Where the Sugar Beets Grow"

Dani Aubert (of Fellow Pynins and Patchy Sanders) (August)

Oregon, USA


Dani Aubert found her first banjo hanging on a small music shop wall in the Adirondack wilderness. Her first banjo songs were crafted in a plywood shack, whilst studying herbal medicine in upstate New York. As her music evolved so did her life, traveling to the west coast to farm, raise a child, tend goats, and wildcraft in the high mountains of Southern Oregon. Pastoral life gave way to a six piece band, Patchy Sanders that naturally took to the road, evolving her music ever more. Yearning to come back to her roots, Dani began her duo Fellow Pynins with her companion Ian Van Ornum. Now these two (with their daughter) are traveling through Europe, sharing their new music, collecting old world songs and planning to come back to homesteading the land back in Oregon.

Photo by Van Ornum

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