Chloe Blayne (of Blue Belles)

Track #2 - "I Won't Change My Mind"

Chloe Blayne (June)

Kentucky, USA

Professional banjo player and lead singer of the all-female bluegrass band Blue Belles, Chloe Blayne has been playing banjo for 20 years now. She cannot remember much of her life without a banjo in her hands. Playing both Bluegrass and Old-time styles, Chloe also studied opera/vocal performance at University of Louisville and now continues to sing opera every week at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Chloe Blayne is a school teacher, mother, and wife.

Blue Belles is an all-girl band from Northern Kentucky. Their creative and subtle style comes from countless hours spent in jam sessions, festival performances and professional seminars. More importantly they carry an unusual respect for the authors of bluegrass music.   When you hear this band you will recognize the Eastern Kentucky slant on the fiddle. You will hear hard-driving three-finger on the banjo. You will hear confident and articulate flat-picking on the guitar. You will hear every beat of the bass. You will hear vocal harmonies unlike any other. Above all else, you will hear phenomenal music. 

Photo by Greg Enxel

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