Trina Emig

Track #9 - "I Ride an Old Paint"

Trina Emig (of Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers) (September)

Ohio, USA,

Trina Emig took her first banjo lesson straight out of high school and within 2 years was playing professionally with Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass touring the mid-west, southern states, and the east coast. Although steeped in Bluegrass tradition, she is an accomplished musician who has developed her own style of banjo playing that makes the banjo sing. She has authored and published a Scruggs style banjo instructional book “Becoming Banjo Worthy.” Trina owns Boopie Recording Studios and produces the CD’s for her current band, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers, an all-female band from Cincinnati, OH. They have released 3 CD’s that have received outstanding reviews in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. You can also find Trina in the published book by Murphy Henry, “Pretty Good for a Girl” which is a history of women in Bluegrass music.

Photo by Bernadette Newberry

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