Krisanna Marie

Track #14 - "Spanish Gold"

Krisanna Marie (of The Raven Claw Hammer) (October)

California, USA

Krisanna Marie is the lead vocalist and the 3-finger style picking banjo babe for The Raven Claw Hammer. Her love of music is heavily influenced by Rock N Roll, Punk, Goth and Bluegrass. She is a world traveled musician who has played at various festivals and venues. She has toured as a professional striptease burlesque dancer as well as a fire-hoopdance artist. She is also a dance and fitness instructor who teaches burlesque and cabaret. Krisanna is an internationally published pin up model who enjoys working on projects that allow her to tap into her creative process. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology and a Master’s degree in Holistic Education. She enjoys traveling on the open road and is the proud Mama of two cats. She is a wine and sushi lover and plans to continue making music until the stars burn out.

Photo by Jim Crilly

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