Jami Lynn

Track #1 - "Polywogs"

Jami Lynn (August)

South Dakota, USA


Plains folk songstress Jami Lynn hails from western South Dakota. Original songs from her first album, Sodbusters, were not only featured in The Smithsonian’s Shared Harmonies Project, but also caught the attention of international critics in France and the Netherlands. Her latest effort, Fall is a Good Time to Die is inspired by the landscapes and animals of the Dakota prairie and Black Hills. The album was mixed and edited by Eddie Faris of Rick Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, and has caught the attention of Great Britain’s Telegraph and Twangville. If not on the stage, Jami Lynn brings her folk music into elementary schools and healthcare systems through the South Dakota State Arts Council’s Artists in the Schools program and Touring Artists program. Jami is currently based out of Spearfish, SD where she lives with one German shorthair pointer, one boyfriend, and many bicycles.

Photo by Jan Nachtigal

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