Cera Impala

Track #15 - "Higher Place"

Cera Impala (of Cera Impala & the New Prohibition) (Bonus Babe)

Edinburgh, Scotland


Cera Impala is a banjo-wielding mama who oozes wild style. Her voice is unique, timeless with a writing style just as magical. She creates songs that feel instantly familiar. A slice of hillbilly-noir and a fair measure of gritty 20's and 30's jazz, she has one foot firmly in the past and the other in the future of folk, jazz and americana. Cera writes and performs with her hand-picked band, The New Prohibition and also with the queens of harmony; the Bevvy sisters, as well as adding banjo stylings and vocals to the indie folk-rock band Dark Green Tree. Originally hailing from Flagstaff AZ she has since found various homes in Washington State, Orgegon, California, New York, Berlin Germany and now she and her husband-fiddler-producer, Dirk Ronneburg hang their hats happily in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have one child together, their son, Harlen Cash.

Photo by Bella Thewes

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