2016: "Natural Beauty"

Third Annual  *  International  *  Limited Edition

Presenting the Featured Artists for the 2016 edition of the Banjo Babes Calendar & Album themed "Natural Beauty." We kindly invite you to learn more about these incredible artists, visit their websites, and further enjoy their music:

  1. Trina Emig,
  2. Erin Inglish,
  3. Cara Luft (The Cara Luft Folk-Rock Revolution),
  4. Amber Rogers (Scenic Roots),
  5. Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys (Time & Luck),
  6. Mary Z Cox, Allie Burbrink,
  7. The Whipstitch Sallies,
  8. Alison Steele,
  9. Kendra Swanson,
  10. Jami Lynn (Jami Buttke)
  11. Krisanna Marie (The Raven Claw Hammer)
  12. Teri Quinn,
  13. Jes Raymond (The Blackberry Bushes Stringband),
  14. Donna Lynn Caskey, and
  15. Cera Impala.

Listen to or purchase the 2016 calendar and album. Artist profiles are below. Thank you kindly for stopping by!

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Banjo Babes 2016 Compilation Album


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Artist Profiles

Jami Lynn 

Track #1 - "Polywogs"

Jami Lynn (August)

South Dakota, USA


Plains folk songstress Jami Lynn hails from western South Dakota. Original songs from her first album, Sodbusters, were not only featured in The Smithsonian’s Shared Harmonies Project, but also caught the attention of international critics in France and the Netherlands. Her latest effort, Fall is a Good Time to Die is inspired by the landscapes and animals of the Dakota prairie and Black Hills. The album was mixed and edited by Eddie Faris of Rick Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, and has caught the attention of Great Britain’s Telegraph and Twangville. If not on the stage, Jami Lynn brings her folk music into elementary schools and healthcare systems through the South Dakota State Arts Council’s Artists in the Schools program and Touring Artists program. Jami is currently based out of Spearfish, SD where she lives with one German shorthair pointer, one boyfriend, and many bicycles.

Photo by Jan Nachtigal

Cara Luft 

Track #2 - "Home Song"

Cara Luft (of The Small Glories, a founding member of the Wailin' Jennys) (January)

British Columbia, Canada



'Canadian Folk Heroine' is the tagline on Cara Luft’s web site. That’s a pretty cheeky claim to live up to, yet it’s a perfect way to describe Cara. She’s an award-winning musician, singer and songwriter, a plucky performer with an impish sense of humour, and a founding member of two Canadian folk super-groups: The Wailin' Jennys and The Small Glories. To quote the roots magazine No Depression, "Luft has a rich tradition in folk music – it’s safe to assume that she knows her stuff – and upon listening it becomes quite clear that she is indeed a formidable songwriter and performer. 'Darlingford' marks her third release as a solo artist, and finds the lovely Ms. Luft continuing to hit her stride and setting the bar for the talented few who’ll follow in her footsteps."

Photo by Whitney Atkinson

Allie Burbrink 

Track #3 - "Carefree Gum Tree Canoe"

Allie Burbrink (of The Whipstitch Sallies) (June)

Indiana, USA


Allie Burbrink grew up as a farm girl in the vast cornfields of southern Indiana, where she taught Language Arts for seven years. She loved music from an early age and taught herself guitar as a teenager. After getting turned on to bluegrass and old-time in her mid-twenties, she studied clawhammer banjo at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Allie now showcases her talent in a band of “bluegrass rockers with panache”, The Whipstitch Sallies, in which she writes, sings, and plays banjo, guitar, and harmonica. They are in their 6th year and have performed across the country from Appalachia to Hawaii. Allie is dedicated to improving her craft and has had the pleasure of learning from a variety of musical mentors, including David Brose, Frank Lee, Ryan Spearman, Catie Curtis, and Pat Pattison.

Photo by Melissa Williams

Lindsay Lou  

Track #4 - "Sugar Hill"

Lindsay Lou (of Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, Time & Luck) (April)

Michigan, USA




Lindsay Lou is the front lady, singer and songwriter of a four piece roots/bluegrass/americana outfit called Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys. They've been finding great success traveling the world touring in support of their most recent album, Ionia. You'll also find her in a side project with Joshua Rilko called Time & Luck. This is where you'll see her playing the most banjo, like on the song included in the Banjo Babes sampler! In whatever project you find her, what sets Lindsay apart as a musician is her somehow all at once tender and powerful soul. She’ll blow you away and make you weep in one fell swoop!

Photo by Joshua Rilko

Erin Inglish 

Track #5 - "Where There Once Was Water"

Erin Inglish (Organizer, Banjo Babes Calendar & Album)

California, USA


Erin Inglish is a tour-de-force banjo chanteuse, a thoughtful wanderer steeped in the thick of California’s music scene. Inglish’s performances proffer passionate lyricism, toe-tapping grooves, and striking reflections about the state of the modern world. Her voice is both lush and raw, and her picking style on the five-string banjo is uniquely her own…expressive, sassy, dynamic. Erin has spent several years living abroad (in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia) – and her songwriting reflects her elation for life, creative and exploratory nature, and passion for creating positive change through community and art. In 2013, Inglish released her first solo album titled, A Melody So Sweet, and then toured – by bicycle – the entire coast of California to celebrate Earth Month as part of what would become her annual Earth*Bike*Banjo tour. Anticipating the release of a new album in early 2016, Muse, Inglish is collaborating with new-folk duo Stringtown Ambassadors for part of the recording project and a tour.

Photo by Brittany App

Amber Rogers 

Track #6 - "Waterbound"

Amber Rogers (of Scenic Roots) (February)

Kansas, USA


Amber Rogers is a musician living in the great state of Kansas. She plays the old time style clawhammer banjo and spends much of her time playing the fiddle as well. Amber is a graduate from South Plains College in Levelland, TX where she studied commercial music. Amber tours with the band Scenic Roots. When Amber is not touring she enjoys raising her pet chickens and is the new Executive Director of the Historic Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia, KS. Amber loves the history and feel of the old time American Roots Music but also enjoys the more modern Irish Fiddling and Bluegrass styles.

Photo by Shelly Baxter Photography

Mary Z Cox 

Track #7 - "Cherry River Line"

Mary Z Cox (May)

Florida, USA


Two Time Florida Banjo Champion & 2013 & 2014 Old Time Banjo Champion in Brevard, NC, Mary Z. Cox, is a third generation Floridian, played banjo since she was 12, & a recording artist since 1999. She records cds, plays concerts & festivals, gives workshops, and authors banjo books. Her music’s been played on National Public Radio’s, “Thistle & Shamrock”, “All Songs Considered,” Pandora World Music Genome, & the BBC. She’s taught clawhammer banjo for over a decade at the John C. Campbell Folkschool and at camps & festivals nationwide, including the Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby, NC. 16 awesome banjos live with her & play her relentlessly. Mary Z believes that if a banjo calls to you to buy it—you should not fight destiny—it was meant to be. Mary Z’s video interview in Smithsonion Folkways’ “Conversations With Old Time Performers”/ volume 2 (2015) is available now. Blue Sky Banjo, is her first vocal cd and both it & Blue Sky Banjo Tab Book are available on her website.

Photo by Tom Welch

Jessica Raymond 

Track #8 - "The Lady of The Mountains"

Jessica Raymond (of The Blackberry Bushes Stringband) (March)

Iowa, USA


Jes Raymond’s songs connect the day to day and invoke the natural world with the muses of wonder and impermanence. A skillful flatpicker, she has found her newest inspiration in the admiration of the clawhammer banjo. Jes first attended UNC Chapel Hill where she was a voice major. She left the classical voice program there to study folk music and the art of songwriting, and went on to graduate from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where she studied “Music, Mountains and Mythology”. She is the front woman in the Acoustic Americana and Bluegrass band, The Blackberry Bushes Stringband. Their sound lies somewhere between Gillian Welch and The Infamous Stringdusters. The Bushes have that rare magic that allows them to fuse elements from many genres into a sound that retains distinct threads of sonic color. Like their thorny namesake, they are rooted and growing, growing, growing.

Photo by Jakob Breitbach

Trina Emig 

Track #9 - "I Ride an Old Paint"

Trina Emig (of Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers) (September)

Ohio, USA

www.macrowmusic.com, www.trinaemig.com

Trina Emig took her first banjo lesson straight out of high school and within 2 years was playing professionally with Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass touring the mid-west, southern states, and the east coast. Although steeped in Bluegrass tradition, she is an accomplished musician who has developed her own style of banjo playing that makes the banjo sing. She has authored and published a Scruggs style banjo instructional book “Becoming Banjo Worthy.” Trina owns Boopie Recording Studios and produces the CD’s for her current band, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers, an all-female band from Cincinnati, OH. They have released 3 CD’s that have received outstanding reviews in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. You can also find Trina in the published book by Murphy Henry, “Pretty Good for a Girl” which is a history of women in Bluegrass music.

Photo by Bernadette Newberry

Donna Lynn Caskey 

Track #10 - "Beauty Queen"

Donna Lynn Caskey (Bonus Babe)

California, USA


Donna Lynn Caskey is an innovative clawhammer “Banjo Gal” and so much more. A strong songwriter, her work simultaneously acknowledges life’s difficulties and offers a genuine message of hope. Her sound retains a timeless quality that hearkens back to old-time mountain music while artfully exploring contemporary subject matter, securing her place in the modern folk genre. Audiences appreciate her heartfelt, playful, and engaging stage presence and the opportunity to sing along during performances.
Donna Lynn grew up the youngest of ten children in a musical family on the Virginia coast. She attended college in the Blue Ridge, where she fell in love with and acquired her first banjo. She was awarded a scholarship to an intensive beginning banjo class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina shortly before moving to California by train in 2001. Within months, she started writing songs and playing shows.

Photo by Jay Heninger

Ali Steele 

Track #11 - "Sun Sinks Low"

Ali Steele (of Sugar By the Pound) (December)

Virginia, USA


Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Alison Steele grew up singing in church, school, and at home. Although her biggest influences are her father and mother who sang and danced together on the weekends, her uncle also "played the banjo, while my Aunt Ethel and the rest of the family would dance. They would literally rolled up the rug, and play all night long." Alison studied appalachian singing and flatfooting at The Old Town School of Folk in Chicago before moving to California in 2003. She currently plays, sings, and laughs with three other women in Sugar by the Pound.

Photo by Kirsten Ramey

Kendra Swanson 

Track #12 - "I Am Going to The Valley"

Kendra Swanson (July)

Illinois, USA


A banjo player budding from the prairies of Illinois, Kendra Swanson is a writer and performer of music for the landscape and wildlife of the Midwest. Her first album, “Carry Your Shoes,” was independently produced, and sold on the streets in 2011. Her reputation as a writer of anthems and a leader of singalongs brought on the recording of her all-original live album, “Kendra & Kin, Live in Rockford,” produced through Vincent Records in 2013, Rockford, IL. She most recently released “Go Down to the Low Down” through the Mississippi grassroots studio, Awesometown Music, in Fulton, IL. Kendra also performs widely as a fiddler and violist, with a passionate voice that cuts through the loudest of bars (and the hardest of hearts).

Photo by Eric Masters

Teri Quinn 

Track #13 - "Free of Wanting (You)"

Teri Quinn (of Teri Quinn and Her Situation) (November)

Missouri, USA


A Northern girl with a Southern heart living in the Mid-West, Teri Quinn writes songs blending the sweet and the savory. With her clawhammer banjo playing and stylized picking, she mixes an old fashioned sound with a modern luster. Her lyrics and harmonic palette express emotions so honest it hurts. Teri’s musical path is unique. She studied clarinet performance and music composition at the University of Missouri- Kansas City Conservatory of Music. Soon after she graduated and wondering what was next, she felt the banjo wooing her through a Willie Watson performance on A Prairie Home Companion. She woke up one crisp December morning in 2013 and decided it was time to let the banjo take her along a new path. You may find her wielding her wild banjo by herself or with her rowdy band -Teri Quinn and Her Situation.

Photo by Natalie McLaws

Krisanna Marie 

Track #14 - "Spanish Gold"

Krisanna Marie (of The Raven Claw Hammer) (October)

California, USA


Krisanna Marie is the lead vocalist and the 3-finger style picking banjo babe for The Raven Claw Hammer. Her love of music is heavily influenced by Rock N Roll, Punk, Goth and Bluegrass. She is a world traveled musician who has played at various festivals and venues. She has toured as a professional striptease burlesque dancer as well as a fire-hoopdance artist. She is also a dance and fitness instructor who teaches burlesque and cabaret. Krisanna is an internationally published pin up model who enjoys working on projects that allow her to tap into her creative process. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology and a Master’s degree in Holistic Education. She enjoys traveling on the open road and is the proud Mama of two cats. She is a wine and sushi lover and plans to continue making music until the stars burn out.

Photo by Jim Crilly

Cera Impala 

Track #15 - "Higher Place"

Cera Impala (of Cera Impala & the New Prohibition) (Bonus Babe)

Edinburgh, Scotland


Cera Impala is a banjo-wielding mama who oozes wild style. Her voice is unique, timeless with a writing style just as magical. She creates songs that feel instantly familiar. A slice of hillbilly-noir and a fair measure of gritty 20's and 30's jazz, she has one foot firmly in the past and the other in the future of folk, jazz and americana. Cera writes and performs with her hand-picked band, The New Prohibition and also with the queens of harmony; the Bevvy sisters, as well as adding banjo stylings and vocals to the indie folk-rock band Dark Green Tree. Originally hailing from Flagstaff AZ she has since found various homes in Washington State, Orgegon, California, New York, Berlin Germany and now she and her husband-fiddler-producer, Dirk Ronneburg hang their hats happily in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have one child together, their son, Harlen Cash.

Photo by Bella Thewes